Game Data folder went huge - not sure why

A couple of days ago, my Game Data folder shot up from 20% to 83%. I’ve read the other posted topics on this issue, and I’m aware that it’s probably a module causing it, but I can’t narrow it down any further.

I downloaded the game world and compendium modules and browsed through the data, but wasn’t able to find anything out of the ordinary. There are several large commercial battlemap modules which could have combined to shoot my size up, but they weren’t misbehaving before.

My modules were almost all installed through the Bazaar, but recently I did update a few of them from Foundry’s own module page rather than through the Bazaar - could that have caused the spikes in size?

Finally, I’ve been creating some rich journal entries with images and links - any chance this might be causing it?

Please could you point me in the right direction to figure this out? Thanks for your help!

Hey, can you hop on over to the Discord: and tag me so I can help you troubleshoot more easily?

Hi. You can check what exactly is taking space by using the “select Data files to delete” button in your “My Foundry” page as it will list every world, module and system with their sizes.
If a single world is too large, then that might have been a misbehaving module causing it. I’d suggest looking over this tutorial : World Size Check

If you installed a module from within Foundry, it would still have used the Bazaar, so that shouldn’t have been a problem. Unless it was a premium module (one where you had to add the content key into your account on in which case, read the “optimizing data usage” from here : Installing/updating Licensed Premium modules

Finally, yes, embedding images inside journal entries could be embedding the entire image inside the database, which would be pretty bad in general. I think a module makes it do that, and that can cause the game database to grow fast and cause the game to load slower as well as a result. That first link I gave should be a good help in finding if that’s the problem.

I hope this helps point you in the right direction, and if there’s more info you need, don’t hesitate to ask.

Thank you for the troubleshooting! Aeristoka was able to walk me through the steps over Discord, and it was indeed a couple of updated premium map packs that were causing the bloat. Going through the re-import process seemed to solve the problem, and my Game Data usage is now back below 20%.

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