Foundry v12 Build 324

Foundry VTT v12 just released a day ago, when should we expect to see it as an option in here?


Inquiring minds want to know! Even if it’s only to make sure I don’t install it yet since I don’t know which mods will work yet.

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Curious also. I note a lot of modules updated for it, and the game system I use the most, Fate Core is ready, and the DnD system seems ready, but I also know The Forge does a lot of compatibility testing and management for us before recommending a Foundry version, so it may be weeks before we see a comprehensive shift to Foundry v12 as the standard on The Forge. If The Forge team is watching here, it would be awesome to have some sort of a status message, I’m not sure where to watch for that? Discord? The blog? The news pages? Somewhere else? It seems like there are multiple locations for information and I’m not sure where development info & status lives. Thanks.

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We’ll definitely post an announcement in the Forge Discord once it is available!
Here’s a quote from the Discord FAQ

When does V12 release on The Forge?
Probably within the next week or two, assuming no major surprises.
When it is available, we will not immediately recommend it for users by default, just in case we need to iron out any issues on our platform.

How do I keep track of V12 news on The Forge?
We will announce its availability, and then recommended status via the news role, which you can opt into via ⁠rules-and-roles on the Discord server.

Should I update to V12?
If you are reliant on a lot of modules and systems, maybe not immediately. Make sure to check the packages you need are updated for V12. And make sure to create a backup : Backing Up Your Forge Content - Docs - The Forge

Do I have to update to V12 when it is recommended? No, absolutely not. We always recommend updating when the packages you rely on are ready though, due to the various improvements that Foundry VTT implements into the software with each stable release.


I installed on my local instance of Foundry, and everything worked fine. That doesn’t necessarily it will work on Forge, but it seems to indicate that they didn’t break anything.

Hi again. I don’t think I asked my question very well, apologies. I am interested in when v12 will become the recommended version for Forge, what’s involved in that process and how I can tell how the process is progressing. I’ve looked over the #news entries in discord, checked out the announcements section, read the Forge FAQ, and the Foundry V12 specific FAQ post in Discord. I understand that there’s 2 versions of Foundry available to me on the forge, the recommended version, which is still v11, and the new version v12, where we are waiting for module and system development to catch up before it becomes recommended. I’m not interested in upgrading my games until v12 is ready to be recommended by The Forge team, there’s nothing in v12 I am in a hurry to use, so while I am excited to give it a try, I am interested in waiting until The Forge admin team recommends it (edited here) especially with the info out of Foundry saying the upgrade is irreversible (yeah, I understand I can use backups, but restoring one is ugly and unless there’s some very motivating reason to risk it, why?) - I am just curious as to how I stay informed on the process changing the recommended version from v11 to v12 and how I develop reasonable expectations for myself. I hope that is more clear and thank you!

Hey there

Please see Foundry VTT version selection for an explanation of the release channels on Forge.

There’s no specific timeline until Forge recommends v12, and it depends on several factors, one of which is the rate at which module developers release updates to add v12 support. Once v12 has had a bit more time in the wild, we expect the the v12 module ecosystem and the supporting modules around the majority of game systems to stabilize. We are also resolving certain internal integrations like changing our Foundry log viewer to work with v12’s new log format.

Once more time has passed, and we anticipate a smooth transition for users running their games on Forge, we’ll re-assess and may move v12 to recommended. I personally don’t expect this process to take more than a few weeks, but of course I can’t give a hard timeline on that.

It’s important to note that you are not prevented from using v12, even if it is not yet recommended, and that some systems and their supporting modules may move to support v12 faster than others.

Hope that helps!