Decaying play

For the past two months my server becomes less responsive for me the DM as the night continues. We play Wednesdays at 8 PM Central. By the end of the session it is nearly unplayable for me and some other players (while some players have no issues).

I have read the article on the recent issues with server instability. I have looked at out of date modules, reducing the number of actors being loaded etc. This is getting very frustrating as my local PC has a powerful CPU, (3900x) GPU (3080) and more RAM than necessary (64).

Is this still a server issue or should I be looking at my Foundry?

Have you performed a world size check?

The support channel in the Discord is usually very helpful.

Thanks for the suggestion.

I checked at its 30 mb.

The largest Data file is actors at 6.781 mb. The next largest is fog at 3.243 mb.
The largest Packs file is 5.782 mb. Then one at 4.692 mb.

I see that 30 mb is large - I will try to reduce the size.

Do the world size check as @subourbonite suggested, and also do the Module Check: Trouble with Modules

Also list out your Modules, it sounds like you have one that is leaking memory based on what you describe. I play for 5.5 hours each Saturday, and have never had Forge/FoundryVTT slow down on me at all (or for my players).

In addition, do you have large audio files? If so, check “Large File Streaming” on them individually, that vastly improves the audio handling in 0.7.9.

I have done a module check previously. I have no Major or Minor mismatch modules. The modules I have active are:

About Time
Combat Enhancement
Compendium Browser
Crash’s Automatic Blind Rolls (5e)
D&D Beyond Importer
Dice So Nice!
Dice Tray
DnD5e Helpers
Drag Rulers
Dynamic Active Effects SRD
Dynamic Effects using Active Effects
Easy Target
Forien’s Copy Environment
FPS meter
Health Estimate 2
Loot Sheet NPC 5e
Magic Items
Midi QOL
Monk’s Little Details
Next Up
Perfect Vision
Pin Cushion
Quick Module Enable
The Furnace
Tidy5e Sheet
Tidy UI - Game Settings
Token Action HUD
Token Info Icons
Universal Battlemap Importer

If you’d like, you can join on the Discord, it’s faster to chat over there.

What Sub Tier are you at?
And what FoundryVTT version are you using?

Sub Tier - Game Master

Version - 0.7.9

And what Game System are you using? (looks like dnd5e)