D&D Beyond Integration

That did it. And yeah, I noticed the screenshot does not have the right module listed. Thanks for the help!

@kakaroto I just tried importing Forge of Fury, along with the Dungeon Master’s Guide, Player’s Handbook, and Monster Manual. Once it finished, it just started scrolling red errors. They were scrolling so fast that I didn’t catch most of them. If you can tell me where to find those errors, I can pull them for you. But, it stops me from importing any more because of the errors being thrown.

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Are you using the latest versions of both Chrome and the Extension?

Make sure that there isn’t another extension running that could be interfering with the process, and please post a screenshot of the errors you see! Thanks!

You should be able to spot the errors in your dev tools console (F12) if you have it open before starting the import process.

Hi. Yes, latest extension and browser. It’s basically one error over and over for any book that has actors. Let me know if you need any more information.

I have the console log file from when I attempted to import the DM Guide. Doesn’t appear that I can upload it though. If you’d like it, let me know.

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Thanks, I’ve confirmed it’s happening due to the new dnd5e 2.1.x breaking changes which brings stricter model validation, which is currently not met on certain [Actor5e.items], with the error being that [FeatData.activation.type]: may not be null. This seems to cause the specific character with the error not to import. Thanks for reporting this!

A workaround for the moment would be to set your dnd5e system version to 2.0.3, then do the import, and then either stay on 2.0.3 or switch back to 2.1.x to let the dnd5e system handle the migrations