Constant Disconnects > Reconnects during session

Hello, I’ve been having an issue in one of my games for a little over a week now. So I play in two weekly games, both using foundry, and in one of my games everything works fine, no problems to report. However, my second game (which literally follows up right after the first one) has been having persistent instances of disconnecting, followed by reconnecting a few moments later. This seems to happen anywhere from ~30s to a couple minutes apart, but still persists throughout the entire session. I can still play the game for the most part it doesn’t kick me out or anything, but anything that happens during that brief instance of d/c → reconnect won’t update in the game (e.g. tokens moving, chat msg’s, etc). Plus the constant error messages gets annoying. I seem to be the only one in the group having these problems as well; so effectively, the issue is with just me, and in only one of my game groups. Any idea what could be causing this, and how to resolve it?

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Have the account owner run through these two FAQs:

Both a bloated world, and Modules can cause those issues.