Worth upgrading to the User Manager?

I upgraded a while back to Story Teller, I think because of some discount or something, but at any rate I have a mature game that’s been running for months (well before I upgraded) and now just realized that I have access to the User Manager.

Has anyone had any experience with it? Is it worth enabling it? I only have one world, 5 players, they don’t change much these days (lost and gained a a LOT initially though).

Looking at the docs, doesn’t seem like the manager really does much, especially for a single game, and it looks like I’d need to re-invite, attach player characters etc (Not a lot but still a bit of work)
Worth it?

I would say it’s worth it because you’d get automatically logged into your game, that’s one extra step you don’t need to do. I personally love the feature and always enable it, but I’m obviously biased, since I wrote it :smiley:

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well I gave it a go! Lets see what happens! Thanks

I am like you and only have 1 game world, but I do find it nice for the auto log in.
Plus, I have a few test worlds, for new modules or crazy ideas to play around in, so that manager is nice to deal with that as well.

Just note that the number of hours your players are logged into the game will be reset due to the new link, and you then need to relink the characters to your players.

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Seems to be working, players slowly logging on and then calling me and I link everything

Had major issues originally but turned out to be modules that had upgraded (or not) at the same time.

Seems pretty seamless once all connected! Thanks

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