An introduction to: The Game Manager & User Manager

The Story Teller and World Builder plans provide users with our unique Forge Experience, and includes the Game Manager and User Manager. These features allow you to use The Forge’s intuitive UI to manage your active games, and to manage user permissions within those games.

To enable the Game Manager, navigate to “My Foundry”. There, you will see the Game Manager button. Select it.

You will be brought to a page explaining the basic details of the game management tool. Select the “Enable Game Management” button to enable the feature.

After enabling the game manager, your configuration page (My Foundry) will be populated with each individual Foundry world, described as a “game” by the Forge user interface.

With the game manager, each game will have their own individual URL and configuration. You can use this feature to invite a player to the specific game you want them to join, rather than giving them a generic link to your Foundry table, as is the case without the Game Manager.


If you enable the User Manager, your players will automatically have a user created for them upon joining, and they will be able to join your game by following the game URL- without having to log in through a setup menu. How convenient!

If you already had users created in your world, you can assign these to your players using the User Manager “Custom User Assignment” interface.

To activate user management, navigate to the world configuration menu in your “My Foundry” page. Under the “Game Tools” section at the top, select the Configure Players button. You can enable or disable the User Manager from here.

To map your invited players to existing users within the game, select the Custom User Assignment button. It will open a dialog listing the game’s users, and Forge users who have joined the game. Here, you can assign the players to their respective user by first pressing the Forge player you want to assign, then the Foundry user, as shown below.


Now that the User manager is enabled and you have assigned your users their players, you can easily manage their permissions from the game’s Configure players menu.

Managing the player’s roles corresponds to the world’s permissions. You can quickly promote, or demote players to the wanted ranks.

We hope this helps you get started with your new Story Teller/World Builder features. :smiley:

If you have any questions, feel free to comment below.

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