World size issue (loading spead)

I have been using the world size check article to try to speed my loading into the world. But I am having an issue getting the world below 100 MB. I deleted many modules and cleared out former scenes and journal entries that are no longer relevant.

My biggest offender is in the packs folder (DNDBeyond importer with 67k KB. But I thought that the packs folder doesn’t bog down your loading time due to it being in a compendium. The other high volume items in the packs folder are items (8k kb), classes (5k kb ), class features (4k kb).

In my data the largest is fog (12k kb), actors (5k kb), and tables (1k kb). The actors I am about to cleanse because I only have my players in there ( I import monsters from the compendium when needed). and the JB2A actions which are animated

Hey there :wave:

It’s true that fog.db doesn’t have a large impact on loading times. Packs have less of an impact than actors, items, scenes, etc., but they may still have an impact.

You may want to consider using a Shared Compendium to move packs out the world and into modules. That way, the initial load won’t take as much of a hit.

This can also be done with actors, items and scenes, especially if they can be archived or you don’t need them close at hand.

Additionally, if it’s a game that has been running a long time, you should check your messages.db file size. Especially for text based games, that can get quite large. The DF Chat Enhancements module provides an easy way to back it up.

Hope that helps! Shout if you have any trouble