World doesn't always load right away

Is there a setting, browser or otherwise, I should be setting to ensure my world loads on the first attempt each time? Whenever I try to load a world it almost always just sits there at the screen where it should load the data then go in, but the loading bars never come up and it just sits there. I hit F5 and it mostly starts working, but there are times when even this doesn’t work and I need to hit F5 again for it to load. This is extremely annoying. I suspect it is something on my end as I don’t really see any other comments about it. Using the most up to date Chrome browser on Windows 10.

Hi there :wave:
Generally world loading issues are due to the amount of data that needs to be downloaded by the browser before Foundry can start up.

This World Size article should point you in the right direction :slight_smile:
World size has the biggest impact on loading times and by keeping your world nice and lean (you want under 30MB if you can), and moving items/actors and scenes to shared compendiums, you can shave a lot of time off of the world loading step.

Another thing that happens during that step is modules initializing, and module errors or long processes that modules execute can lead to another delay or even a failure. I recommend trying with all modules disabled and seeing if the load time issue persists. You can also try to load in with Safe Configuration which disables the modules and scenes for you.

(Hopefully this is on topic enough - I believe so, as it’s directly relevant to the original topic)
What items and/or actors would you recommend moving to compendiums?

Or, perhaps the opposite question - which actors or items would you recommend NOT moving to compendiums?

I effectively have to import all the monsters I’m using from the bestiary because I don’t have tokens configured for them, but I could shove them all back into a compendium after I’ve done that, I suppose. Likewise, I have a fair bit of custom treasure and stuff but I could just sling it into a compendium and it would probably be almost as easy to use, I’d just have to open a compendium when looking for it…

My world comes in at 10 MB, so I suspect it is one of my mods that is the culprit. I have much of my content in shared compendiums and have spent a lot of time on this to ensure minimal overlap between my worlds.

In response to darloth, compendiums that I have as shared (for DnD5e) are Spells, Items, Monsters (those are the big 3), Backgrounds, Classes, Subclasses, Races, Feats, Racial Traits, Class Features, Monster Features (those are not as required, but are nice to have if you want consistency across worlds), and then I have two others PCs and NPCs. PCs I use to keep an archive of all the player’s characters at the different levels (this is completely a personal preference) and the NPCs is more of a companion compendium, one I use to keep things that I give to the players that they can control like Mage Hand, Bag of Tricks monsters, Spiritual Weapons and so on.

I would say as long as you’re doing Spells, Items and Monsters in a shared compendium, you’re going to save the most space there.

Yeah, it sounds like you’ve already done a lot of work optimizing your world size, so I would also suspect a module in this case. I think you should have a look at your dev tools console (F12) to see whether there are any errors being logged out there if your world takes a while to load in. There might be signs of an issue with a specific module name mentioned, or maybe a fetch that’s being blocked by security settings and causing the whole thing to not load in.

If you do see something like that, please post a screenshot and we can help you pick it apart :slight_smile: You’d be looking for red in the console, yellow warnings are generally fine.