Why am I unable to login to The Forge with my email address?


We receive a lot of reports from users unable to login to their Forge accounts. Often, this is from users who are certain that they are using the correct email address associated with their account.

If you are certain that you are attempting to login to your account using the correct email address and are unable to, we recommend taking the following troubleshooting steps:


While all Forge accounts will generally have an email address on record, if an account was created through Patreon login on The Forge, the account owner must continue to login to their account via Patreon. If desired, this can be changed once a user has logged in to their account. But first, they will need to login to their account at least once to do so, through Patreon.

If you are sure that you are using the correct email address but might have created a Patreon-associated Forge account, we recommend trying to login via Patreon.

Reset Password

Some browsers/password managers will mistakenly record new passwords whenever an access key is changed for a Foundry game, or edited within the Forge setup menu. This can result in a saved password being lost forever. Or, sometimes, a user might just be forgetting their password in general.

Either way, when this occurs we recommend resetting your password via the Reset Password link on the login page for The Forge. If you do not receive your password reset email, see this guide for possible solutions.

Contact Us

If you have attempted these troubleshooting steps and are still unable to access your account, we recommend emailing us at contact@forge-vtt.com.