Why am I not receiving my password reset email?


On The Forge’s login screen, we offer the option to send a password reset email, for users who forget their passwords. However, some users do not immediately receive their passwords, or cannot find the password reset emails. We recommend taking the following steps-


Sometimes, there will be a slight delay when receiving a password reset email. We recommend waiting at least five minutes before assuming that the email is lost.

Check Alternative Inboxes

Some services like Gmail or Outlook have separate inboxes, depending on the email being received, and/or the email address the message is coming from. We recommend checking each inbox to make sure that the password reset email is not in a separate inbox.

Check your spam folder

In some cases, email providers will incorrectly label The Forge’s password reset emails as spam. If you cannot find it within an inbox, it may be here.

Make sure you are using the correct email address

Many users will accidentally provide the wrong email address. If you have not received your password reset email after following the previous steps, please make sure you are using the correct email address. To be clear, if an account exists with that email address, you will receive a password reset email. If you do not receive one, it might be that an account associated with that email does not exist.

Also, please make sure the account is not associated with a Patreon account. If your account is created via Patreon, you will need to continue logging in via Patreon, unless this is changed via your account page.

Contact Us

If all else fails, reach out to us via email at contact@forge-vtt.com. We will try our best to help you find your account.