When I launch MyFoundry, my game world is not there

When I launch MyFoundry in Forge, my Foundry game world is not listed. Should this happen automatically? If not, is there a way to get Foundry synched with Forge?

you’ve run into a fairly common misconception:
Your local Foundry Application and The Forge are not linked in any way

Here’s the guide for importing your local content into the Forge: Importing Worlds/Modules/Systems - W/ Video Tutorial

Local FoundryVTT App is:
NodeJS Server
Chromium Browser which connects to it
(you can connect to the local app by launching the app, minimizing, then going to http://localhost:30000/ in your browser)
Forge is:
FoundryVTT NodeJS server
You connect via browser

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Once you’ve imported, it’s easiest by far to just work on The Forge.