What is "The Forge: More Awesomeness" module?

What is it?

The Forge: More Awesomeness module is an optional module that can be enabled in a Foundry VTT world hosted on The Forge. The module is automatically installed for every user, though it is not automatically enabled by default.

What does it do?

Fixes to audio loading

The module fixes issues related to loading audio from our CDN, or content delivery network. Our CDN allows users to easily load asset files regardless of their location around the world. However, there is a bug within Chrome which can result in audio failing to load/play properly when delivered by our CDN.

The module fixes these issues, and allows audio to correctly play within Foundry Virtual Tabletop.

Installable Forge Client

Have a a game you really like? Want it accessible as a desktop app? Enabling the Forge’s optional module allows you and your players to install the game on your desktop as if it was a program like Word or Photoshop!

This feature requires accessing The Forge with Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, as well as enabling the Forge’s optional module.

How to install

You can install a game client by navigating to the “Configure Settings” menu on the settings tab. From there, select “Module Settings”.


Scroll down to “The Forge: More Awesomeness”, and select the “Install” button.


You can also install the game client by selecting the install icon that will appear at the top right of your screen in Edge or Chrome (highlighted below):

Google Chrome

Microsoft Edge

After installing the game as an app, you will be able to launch it from your desktop or start/applications menu like any other program. The client will also have a more minimalist UI than the browser, allowing distraction free gaming.

How to uninstall

To uninstall the Forge game client, navigate to chrome://apps/, or edge://apps/, depending on your browser of choice. From there, right click on the game client, and select the “Remove…” option. You will be prompted to confirm your choice. Once you have confirmed your choice to uninstall the client, it will be removed from your computer.


I’ve noticed a module appear in my list by the name of “The Forge: Improvements”. Is this the module you mean here, or can you tell me what this module does? I’ve tried searching but to no avail.

This is the module we explain here. Apologies for the unclear title- the name is in a bit of flux at the moment.

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No worries! I just got consumed with insatiable curiosity until I eventually stumbled upon this post. Glad I did. Thanks for the help <3

We’ve had performance issues with PF2e with modules active. Deactivating some of the modules improved the performance a bit. Would installing the app improve their experience at all?

Probably not, I’m afraid. I would definitely try launching the world in safe mode to see if this fixes any issues.

For Google Chrome I did not get the icon in the upper-right of my screen with the little-monitor-and-down-arrow icon. Can you tell me where else I might be able to find that and/or the name for whatever that is, please? Thank you.

It’s the install app button. I don’t know where it’ll show up otherwise, but you can just navigate to your module settings menu in-game and install from the button there.

Sorry about that. I actually found the app link within a few minutes. That link is automatically installed on your desktop, you don’t have to hit any other buttons, as shown in the instructions, above.