Two DM's Sharing Server

Hi Folks,

Our player group has myself as the main DM having ownership of The Forge server. If someone else in the group wants to run a quick couple of sessions for another adventure is there a way to allow them access to the server to upload and run their sessions for our group without compromising access to my campaign they are in. i.e. I wouldn’t want them to gain access and see information about my campaign.

We could just run the honour system of sharing and trust no one will poke around where they shouldn’t but let me know if there is a way. Thanks

Sharing the file system, as of right now does rely on the honor system.
You can still create a new world for them, so they don’t see your setup in your operation world, but they will have access to all the images you’re using. Other than that all the information is safe.

Many thanks Kevin, appreciated ;0)