Twilight 2000 4e players out there?

Looking to spin up a T2K4e game if I can find enough interested players. Looking for a 7-11pm EST weeknight slot about 1-2 times a month.

Game will be easy-going, combination of RP and tactics. I’m an experienced GM, but this will be a new game system for me (have GM’d the older versions back in the stone age) and so newbies are welcome as we will be learning together. Adult players due to violence and strong language (mostly mine). Foundry for table (obviously) and Zoom for communication. Holler back if interested.

I’d be interested, depending on the night. I’ve played a few sessions of this new version and would love to see how another group plays it.

Roger that. I’ve run a couple of sessions of this version with my regular players, but they just prefer fantasy games as a rule. If I can get a couple more interested, we can give it a run. I should have the Forge/Foundry world completed this week if you want to spelunk it and see if it passes your sniff test.

Sounds like a plan. I’m excited by the prospect of seeing someone else run it.

I am interested in playing as well

Roger that. I plan on finishing up the setup this weekend, and I’ll reach out when I’m done. Looking forward to trying to get a game rolling!

Sent DM on here to you

Just found out they updated the twilight 2000. Would definitely be interested. Played it way back in the day when it first came out. So if youre still looking…

Yup, I played it back in the day as well when it was GDW. Yup, I am still looking for players, so if you are interested, I’ll set something up (since you give me a player “quorum”…

Definitely would. I’ll send you a message.

I just set up a private discord channel for this game, here is the invite: AJ's Gaming Table

Once you connect to the server I’ll assign the correct role (I’m not a Discord person, I just muddle through…)