Twilight 2000 4e players out there?

newbies welcome, I’m not far from a 4e one myself. We are currently planning on playing on alternate Monday nights East coast time, but there might be some flexibility there. DM me a discord account and I’ll shoot you an invite…

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I cut my teeth of the first and second editions and I do so love the forth. Would be interested in possibly joining depending on days and times and of course openings. Would even love to lurk as I have had the Foundry modules (Core and Urban Ops) for a while but only toyed around with them.

Hey dude!

Unfortunately, we have a full table right this moment. HOWEVER, one player is feeling a time crunch and may have to bail. If so, there would be an open chair if you are interested. But I have no problem with some lurking in the meantime. A lot of us are learning the 4e game but most of us are just like you, coming from the old GDW versions. We are currently playing weekly on Thursday nights at 7:00pm ET. Holler back and we’ll hook a few T2K brother up if we can!

Hello I don’t know if your still have a spot open but i am interested in joining. The time slot is prefect for me and I love the system and setting!

Dude, the last seat at the table got snagged last night! Of course, I can give you his contact information if you want to hunt him down, kick his @$$. :rofl:

I’ll keep a lookout, if we get anymore bites maybe I’ll just open up another table or something like that. I know it is a pain to find a T2K game, so always want to be inclusive and hook a player up.

Oof tough luck for me then i guess. Yeah i am always looking for a weekday twilight game if any spots come up. I’ll keep an eye on the notifications if you or anyone has something. Thanks for letting me know though!

Well, I approached my players today to see if they wanted to West March this game to involve more players. We are always looking to accommodate because they realize how tough it is to find a game. In addition, if you want to camp out on the game’s discord let me know and I’ll include you. If nothing else, you can keep up on exciting game topics like: Andre the Basement Marauder, underwear helmets, and Census Takers in Poland… (weird crew!)

Would love to get involved in a TW2K West March kind of a game…especially if it revolved around a city/town/hamlet which we all call ‘home’ it would seem pretty natural then for us to occasionally work with different squads/groups etc on missions, supply runs, defense

I used to play a lot of this system years (decades) ago and would definitely be into trying out the new system…thx

Sorry to be a bit replying. Roger that. We are tinkering with how to make this work. I don’t want to disrupt the scheduled game, but sounds like there are some players who are interested to see how this West Marches thing works. I’ll ping you back in a few with some thoughts!

Was talking with some friends who know the system and have played West March games before…

The general response was to have players create a character and start them in a village/city/redoubt/etc that will be the base of local operations for the ‘good guys’

Players can start roleplaying between missions in Discord etc getting to know each other and gather intel, trade, build squads etc

Then as GM’s become available they can post on an in-game mission board looking for players/troopers to join and can then run their scenario

The base of operations can also house crafting areas, vendors, housing, trade area etc

As long a XP is given out in a standardized manner the more you are available the quicker you rise in ability’s/rank etc (using a lot of etc’s here…lol)

Players could even act as demi-npc’s for other players…say repairing a vehicle for another squad if they don’t have that skill set

Just some thoughts…:slight_smile: Thx

I was thinking something very similar to that approach. With a lot of info on the Free City of Krakow, would use that as a base of operations. It would allow access to Silesia and/or Warsaw for longer missions, plenty of intrigue around Krakow for smaller ones. Discord would be the communication hub. I would make players decide on missions and then the GM (probably me at this point) would do the session setup. While missions are supposed to be 1 session long, that might be hard to do depending on the players, environment, etc.). PC availability would be based on the game calendar. (If Rambo Jr. is off on a boar hunt for 2 weeks, he’s not going to be available to bump off a KGB spy.).

What I’m trying to figure out is how to (or even if I should) involve my current game’s PCs into this mix or keep that separate for the moment, and if I should use a CM like LegendKeeper to keep information in lookup for the players or if Foundry and Discord would be enough. (while I personally LOVE more apps, all the time, I don’t think most players feel the same. :man_shrugging:t3:)

I am a fan of apps that work for that particular system…:slight_smile:

Discord is definitely easiest for comms and between session role-play

Plus you can have the ‘base’ already set-up for day one OR have us as players build it up in and out of game…make a run for supplies as an in-game session and then role-play on Discord the setting it up/using them/fixing things/etc

If you decide to get it started I am definitely interested…run my own business so somewhat limited on time but happy to help with backstory/logistics/etc


I have 2-3 people interested in joining if/when you get this up and running

One friend who used to play TW2K with me years ago and my wife who has become a big fan of the Division 1 & 2 and is interested in trying a new system…:slight_smile:


Roger that…. I’ve been tinkering with it a bit and have a general plan and a process. I’m mindful of keeping my current group intact, but I have enough source to run some other missions and there could be good bleed-over. DM me your Discord and I’ll invite you to the server, as well as a Foundry game where you can monkey around a bit and see if it works for you.

Sounds good…will send them over as soon as I get back in the office

Heading out of town for a few days so might not get much time on them till next week

Looking forward to it


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