Trouble with new OSE (Old School Essentials) world

I just started a new OSE world and I can’t seem to add any characters. I can add one but there isn’t a sheet to edit . Is this because I’m running a newer version of Foundry?

If so can I run an older version on this world? Thanks!


Hey Mike :wave:

Hm, that sounds like a bug of some description.

Which version of Foundry and version of OSE are you running? They appear to be working fine with 10.291 for Foundry and 1.7.6 for OSE.


This doc explains how to change your Foundry version, and you can select a version of OSE here in the Bazaar. Make sure to Stop and Start your server if you change the OSE version, so that Foundry can pick up the changes. :slight_smile:

I’d recommend you try with these versions and with no other modules enabled.
Could you please open up your dev tools (F12) console, refresh the page, and then try to open the character sheet again? Please post a screenshot of what you see, including any errors you encounter.


Excellent thanks for the quick reply. I was running those versions so I turned off all the modules and brought them back one at a time. The issue was the PDFoundry module. Does V10 allow you to import PDFs. I thought I remembered hearing that somewhere.

Yup! You can import them now. When you create a new journal, and a new page in that journal, you can specify PDF as the page type. Then, you can upload a PDF to that!