Transferring a Foundry World

So I have a buddy who’s starting out on Foundry, and I’m trying to help them out by doing some of the set-up for them.

If I do the set-up of the scenes, images, journals, compendiums, etc… on my instance and then export the world for them…what will they be missing? For example, will the export include the images? I’m not yet sure if they’ll be using Forge or self-hosting.

Heya :wave:

With a normal Forge export, the image paths in the world will still be pointing towards your Assets Library and the images will not be included in the export. They also won’t have access to any of your premium Foundry modules (the ones linked to your Foundry license).

They will be able to use the world, and the images will work as long as you keep them in the same place in your Assets Library. If you want to export the images from your Assets Library for them as well, have a look at this article which explains how to do so :slight_smile: Backing Up Your Forge Content

By the way, you can use our API feature if you want to have all the assets uploaded to your buddy’s assets library directly : How to share access to your Assets Library - Docs - The Forge
That only works when you upload through Foundry VTT itself, but if you set things up that way, it can be a way to eliminate a step

Thanks. I will check that out. (Useful for my own purposes as well)

Thanks! I will look at that!