The Foundry stable version on for Forge is different than Foundryvtt

Forge lists v10 build 287 but Foundry lists v10 build 290 date nov10th as stable and v10 build 291 December 1st. While i can understand why a December 1st build isn’t ready to run with iscthere a way to review the reasons not to update.

Various module creaters have suggested build 290 is ready to go but I’m concerned with ignoring forges suggestions so hoped someone might have some idea.

Hey there!

Foundry version 10.291 is currently the recommended version on The Forge!
Have a look at the article here which will help you to set your version. If you set your version to the recommended channel, you will always receive a prompt to update to the latest and greatest that The Forge recommends :muscle:

We usually follow minor releases very closely, but may wait a bit before marking a new major release, eg. v9 to v10, as recommended.

That is weird
On the version update the stable version default is listed as best 287
Then i can override foundry vtt version to get 291

I will add new version to my games

Ah, if you have Game Manager enabled, you might be looking at your individual game, and seeing the default Game Manager version in the list

Have a look over here and see if you can set the Game Manager default version instead