Terrible Lag - Please Provide Server Status

See topic. Terrible Lag - Please Provide Server Status

There is no server issue, if you are experiencing lag, it is most likely caused by :

  • A module or multiple conflicting modules causing Foundry to misbehave
  • An excessively large world, causing Foundry to use more RAM than adequate, and slowing it down
  • You have hardware acceleration disabled in your browser.

See this recent thread for example :

Also refer to our Troubleshooting section in the docs : Docs - The Forge (see “World size check”, “Trouble with modules” and “hardware acceleration” topics). If none of those help, then please provide more detailed information on what your issues are, what symptoms you see, which region you’re in, which browser you use, which game system, which Foundry version, if you have the same problems with a brand new world, if it affects you alone or your players as well, etc…