Taking 5 minutes plus to load game, and then it periodically just shuts itself off

Working in either chrome, edge or Firefox, my game is taking 5 minutes or so to load, and then crashes periodically. Oddly, my players, on the same internet link from the same location are not having an issue with crashes, although they are with load times. This absolutely did not happen when I hosted my own game.

Now it blanks out scenes, and will not show them unless I completely load the world again, and have to wait another 5-10 minutes. It’s rapidly becoming not worth the subscription

I was able to open, update, update all the modules and login to my world using the installed version of Foundry before ForgeVTT could refresh my world page.

There could be a lot of reasons for this load time.
Locally, your own launched game will usually load quicker, if you have a better PC, while it will still take as long for external players to load in, in my experience.

Load times like these are usually based on Server placement, or world size.
Please make sure your Forge Server is running in your region ^^

Here is a link for the World Size Check, if you could respond with your result I would greatly appreciate it :smiley:

We’ve been testing this and it’s taking FAR longer for forge to load than it is for foundry. All I can think of is to delete actors after use, and just pull from compendiums since they don’t seem to impact load times from forge.

What you’re describing is an issue with a Intel GPU driver. This happens on some laptops for example where the GPU is integrated with the CPU.
If you’re not on a laptop and you do have a discrete GPU, then check https://webglreport.com (under “Unmasked Rendered”) to see which GPU your browser is using. It might be selecting the wrong one by mistake.

I’ve changed that setting to use the nvidia card. Let’s see how that works. :smiley: Thanks!

Worked fine till recently. It’s been blanking screens out, then taking over 5 minutes to refresh, lagging for all my players to the point where it will take over a minute to see results from a roll. This is horrible.

Have you added any new modules, or updated any?
It will be worth checking your world size again, just in case something has caused it to bloat it.

As @mushie recommended, I would do the world size again.
But, in addition I would recommend clearing out your chat log. Someone could have rolled 200000d2000000’s and messed with your game or such.

Lag is usually related to modules. I would also recommend starting in safe mode, to make sure it isn’t related.

IT was video/audio related. Once we ditched trying to do audio/video and switched that function to Discord, the table was acceptable. Not as fast as when I host it myself, but acceptable. With Audio/Video causing issues, and the table just simply running slower than if I self host, the appeal of the Forge is waning.