Soundboard Module, Forge and Directories

So I installed the soundboard module, i set up a directory on forge with the sounds i need, but I don’t know the data path i need to direct the module to, since the module doesn’t seem to have an actual directory picker:

  • I tried manually setting it to “My_Assets_Library/Sounds_effects” (i tried all variations of replacing the spaces: %20, _, -, [spaces])

  • If I need to install them in the module directory I dont know how to do that via forge (i think i only have access to my assets)?

Anyone got any help on this? :sweat_smile:

Assuming it’s the soundboard by Blitz module, I think it just needs to be set to “Sounds effects” (assuming that’s the name of the folder in the assets library, and you respect case sensitivity). And select the Forge as the source.

See this answer here with screenshots, which can help :