Setting up soundboard by blitz

I am having trouble setting up the custom soundboard directory.

I created a folder in the asset library called Soundboard, but in the configure settings I can’t work out what to put as the the Custom SoundBoard directory or source type, every combination I have tried seems not to work, any advice?

Well, that was a good question!
I gave it a try and it’s not particularly intuitive, but you have to give it the directory path, without the URL prefix and with no trailing / at the end.
So basically if my folder in the assets library is like this :

Then I need to set the path in Soundboard to : music/Horror SFX Pack
And of course, set the Data source as “Forge” :


With it, set that way, it works. Anything else that doesn’t match exactly (including adding / at the end) will cause it to fail.
I hope that helps.


Thanks Kakaroto, it worked just as you said. I suspect I was adding the extra /