Server Slowness, Log-in Issues, Players Cannot Be Pulled Into Map

Last night I ran a session for my players. It has been the 3rd or 4th time using Foundry VTT and the Forge in actual gameplay. We had all sorts of issues:

1st: multiple players were unable to log into the game at first. When they put in the password we have all been using in some form or another for years now they got an error. (Were able to get in a few attempts later).

2nd: The server is generally slow. (I have a gigabit connection and it takes considerably long at times to load maps. I have gotten stuck anywhere from 60-90% on multiple occasions over the past few weeks. Last night however was by far the worst yet.

3rd. When maps did load, all players could not access it, I couldn’t even pull players to the map. After restarting the application I could get into the map but my controls would not work and it didn’t indicate I was connected to it, even though I could see it. I had a static version of the map that didn’t allow me to see player movement, dice rolls, etc…

Hello and sorry for the inconvenience.

This sounds like a module problem rather than a server issue.
To go through it.

  1. This sounds like your game is immensely big, so your players have a hard time loading in. What I would recommend is to delete your chat-log, and then go through World Size Check to see if it is still having problems.
    A normal world should not be over 20MB and max around 50MB.
  • Why chat log? Because if your game is clogged with Images, or high rolls (1000d1000) will quickly crash your games and make them hard to load.
  1. Again, sounds like it is world size, but could be modules that are taking too much RAM.
    I would recommend going through Trouble with Modules to see if such a clash happens. It’ll guide you through how to troubleshoot, and fix it.

  2. Again sounds like module problems, specifically a RAM issue, where it takes up all the RAM and then crashes your browser. Usually caused by Folder Browser or such. see 2.

I’ll be here to troubleshoot further with you if that is needed :smiley:
Hope this helps you :smiley: