Server seems very slow - Located in Germany


I am having some issues and I ran out of things to check, so I assume it must be the server. I read and follow all the troubleshooting guides and everything is working well. I have a high-end gaming PC and I have disable everything under extensions apart from some adblockers. I check webGL and it works fine in all checked browsers (Firefox, Chrome, and Edge), plus I use an external jitsi server for AV.

Yet it still takes around a minute after I click to join game session until I can see anything, and another 10 until I can actually swap maps/scenes. It was definitively not like that before and I haven’t made any changes apart from updating things.

Any advise?


Hey, i´ve got the same issue. My group and i did had a session today and some of my player aren´t able to join. The player which are able to join, had big issues with lags and a slow connection.
I am also from Germany. Did anybody have any idea how to fix that?


I’ve checked your world @nefandi and it looks all small and decent in size. Your worlds @jdforever seem to be ok, apart from wildmount which is really large (it was 125MB, see World Size Check - Docs - The Forge for help)
That being said, I don’t know if there’s some issue in Germany right now, but we’ve had a few reports within the past couple of weeks of games being slow to load, but which we can’t reproduce on our side. We even tested games of users live at the same time as them, the same game would load within 5 seconds for me (and I’m in Canada, connecting to the server in Amsterdam) while it took multiple minutes for the users (who is in Europe).
The only conclusion we could come to was that it was likely an issue with the ISP. We even confirmed that with a user who said they had no problems when connecting via mobile hotspot, but would be slow to load using their home internet, and another one who connected via a VPN and said it fixed the problems.
Our general advice is to check the world size, try to launch in safe mode (i.e disable all modules), make sure you have hardware acceleration enabled, and that your actual GPU (rather than “SwiftShader” or your CPU’s integrated GPU) is listed in “Unmasked Rendered” on
If none of that helps, then it’s likely an issue from the server, though we haven’t had any slow downs on the European servers, only reports that seem to point to the user’s ISP (or more likely a larger internet routing issue).
I would recommend you try our demo server ( and if it loads without issues, you might want to switch your region to North America for now, then try again in a week or so, and see if whatever network issue your ISP had has fixed itself.

I hope that helps

Thank you for the reply.

I sadly checked everything already. So I will check the demo server, then try VPN and if that doesn’t work check with my ISP. Moreover, we have a game on Wed and I will let you know how it went. Hopefully it works, because I didn’t have any problems since I start using forge and tbh I don’t want the work to change it.

Thx, I think i will try do reduce the World size and/or set the server region to North America.
Agian thanks for this realy good trouble shooting. FYI the players which have the most problems are the player with Telekom as ISP.

I am trying normally and also hosting myself this Wed and I will let you know. BTW I do have Telekom and sadly I cannot change it. I will ask my players what do they have.

I have the same Problem.

It is VERY slow, nearly unplayable now.
Some of my friends were not even able to connect to the game

We are all sick so the game was delayed. Not possible to give a proper feedback.

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I hope you all feel better soon!

I am in Germany and having the same problem.

Hi @nefandi @jdforever @harvey and @clandestein
As the issues has lasted for far too long now and it’s been frustrating to everyone involved and it doesn’t look like Telekom are going to fix it, we’ve set up a new server in a different datacenter (Frankfurt) through which all european requests are going through and it is proxying everything automatically to our datacenter in Amsterdam.
Someone else on Discord who had the issue with Telekom already confirmed that it cleared up their issues right away and their games load instantly now, so I’m happy with this workaround solution. Hopefully you can also confirm that you have no more issues from your side.
Thanks for your patience!

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Another update: It seems to have only worked temporarily, but Telekom is also apparently having issues connecting with the datacenter in Frankfurt (and it’s a different datacenter service provider even), so Telekom seems to be having some more serious problems with their network, but it comes and goes apparently.
I’m reverting to how it was before, since it didn’t help!

Evening, my fellow Germans, I’ve got the same issue, my game is 17mb (I reduced it down from 40 :grin:), I’ve deleted outdated modules today, tried to run in safe mode (took ages to load), deactivated all modules and it still loads painfully slow…

Since the demo-forge works fine and the webgl report does not show any swiftshader or anything else, I followed @kakaroto’s idea of switching the region to a North American Server and that worked like a charm. So I will check up here regularly and thank you a lot for that idea and I hope the issue with German Servers can be fixed in the future.

Thanks Kakaroto for trying to make a work-around for this. I understand that it’s not really your problem if an ISP in a certain country is having problems haha.

I have tried setting the region to NA and, as others have said, this totally fixes the problem in terms of load times. I just tried going back to the EU region to test it, and currently, on a Thursday morning, the load times were also completely normal. Unfortunately I’m normally running on Friday evenings which I image makes things more difficult. Anyway, long story short, I will set the region back to NA for now to make sure we have something stable for our games, but will check the EU server now and then.

Thanks @clandestein. Note that I found out that I had misconfigured the DNS for the new proxy (I forgot to change the ipv6 address too) so I fixed that on Monday, and so far, we haven’t heard new people complaining, so I think that the proxy I’ve set up is actually working and it might be why you had no issues when you switched back to EU… or maybe Telekom is just working normally today and it will break again soon. Either way, we’ll see, but I’m leaving the new set up that goes through Frankfurt for now, unless I start receiving complaints that prove it didn’t actually work.

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Thanks for the update and work :slight_smile: Let’s see how this issue develops but it’s good to hear you found a solution :heart_decoration:

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OK, so I finally could play last week and it was fine. Two of the player had problems but I believe it was on their end. I will check again this week.

@kakaroto I am glad things are working good enough (it seems it was still better in the past) and I appreciate the good work and quick replies. Cheers mate