Repeatedly losing connection

I just started my trial with Forge, and i have the same problem. Foundry runs very, very slow and i loose connection all the time. After fighting with my Ports for weeks, i really hoped Forge would solve my problems. sigh My provider is Vodafone.
Anything i can do to solve the problem?

Welcome aboard, sorry the start wasnt up to scratch.
It looks like there was an issue with the EU server, which is being looked at. If you are on the EU server, can I get you to try the US server.
To do that, goto Account settings (top right side of the Forge page) and then scroll down to “region” and you can change it there.
Also just to let you know there is a Forge discord, where we can help trouble shoot issues or answer questions in real time. (just in case this isnt the issue for you, and we need to work through it, eg world size, module issues, etc)

Thanks for the warm welcome. It might be a short stay though. I hoped to expand my world size with a payed server, not to shrink it down. In this case, i have nothing running except for the Call of Cthulhu System. No Mods, Handouts or anything so far. I will try the US Server. Hope it helps.

Tested it, it does not help. I am loosing connection after a minute or so.
Sadly unusable.

A paid server or not will not affect the kind of issues you were describing. If you have modules causing problems or you have an abnormally large world, it will cause problems with Foundry itself and nothing can change that.

If you’re having issues with the world and connection dropping every minute, even with a small world that has no modules enabled, then the issue is likely to be coming from your internet itself, could be a problem with your wifi, or an antivirus/adblocker that keeps killing the connection.
I’d also like to know whether you are actually losing the connection (with a notification from Foundry that says the connection is lost and it’s reconnecting) or if you’re losing access to the scene (the screen blacks out for a second then you can’t see the map anymore), because if it’s the later, then you’re not losing connection, but it’s actually the GPU driver that crashes. It’s a known issue with Intel graphics cards which causes the GPU to crash repeatedly and it’s a Intel driver bug that is triggered by Foundry.
I’m unsure which of the two issues you’re having, so if you could describe accurately what issues you’re seeing exactly, we can better diagnose the problems from your symptoms, and help you with it.

I dont use wifi. And i don´t have any issues running Foundry myself. I don´t know what the problem is. sigh

Thanks for opening a new thread for me. I should have done that myself.
So, i am actually getting that notification about connection lost and trying again. So i think, its not the GPU bug. I had that a few times while self hosting. So i am sure, that it must be something else.
I would be happy for any suggestions regarding my situation. Because i really like your service and would love to stay with the forge.

It seems to work right now. Might have been a problem with my provider. I have a session tomorrow, if everything runs okay, i will close this case. Hopes are high so far.