Save points and backups for new server

I created a new world to act as my “development server” for lack of a better name. The intent is to give me a place to install modules, create Scenes, etc., but not to play games.

I checked to see if the backups were working and it shows there have been successful backups as far back as December 31. However, I only created the server this week so having backups from December is clearly impossible. See attached image.

Am I missing something? Thanks in advance.

Heya :wave:

The automatic backups you see there are snapshots taken of your user data, and aren’t specific to your game. If you try to restore a save point from one of these automatic backups, there is a check to see if that snapshot contains the game in question. If the game is newer than the backup date, it won’t be found inside that snapshot

Okay, got it. Thanks for the response. That makes sense. It is great to have backups and save points, so hat-tip to Forge for keeping us safe.

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