Question on Shared Compendiums

Quick question I hope to see if I am doing something wrong or if this is just the way it is. I created a few shared compendium modules (NPC’s, Items, Scenes) for sharing personalized data for my game across worlds. They are all three showing up in in every section in the compendium listing. Is this something Foundry does with shared Compendiums or is there something I did wrong in setting up the compendiums in Forge?

The Shared Compendium module you create in The Forge is a module which will itself contain multiple compendiums, one for each type. So you’d only need to create one, and then you’d have compendium ‘packs’ for each of the categories (with some having multiple, like Actors, and Monsters for example).
I hope that helps.

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Hola…I am unclear as to how integrate shared compendiums with things like DNDBeyond importers that have more types of say item compendiums (One for races, one for features, etc). Is there a way for us to add compendium categories to a shared compendium?

Ah, I figured this out. Download the compendium module…edit the json…upload. :slight_smile:

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glad you figure it out! We do have a plan to changing that interface so it allows the user to customize the compendiums they want to have in the module, so that’s something that is coming at some point in the future, but not yet available.


Any idea about this yet? I would love to be able to easily just add a new folder to my shared compendiums

Or how to share only specific books with players?