Problem with 5E Character Sheets

Howdy, since this AM I am having the folling issues with my characters sheets.

  • The Prototype Token/Token tab on the sheet is no longer active. When I click on it nothing happens.
  • I am not able to adjust the skills values of actors. When I click on a skill to add proficiency, etc., nothing happens.

I have taken the following troubleshooting steps

  • Disabled all modules
  • Tested PCs and NPCs in all my worlds
  • Created a new world and tested it there

The issues are consistent.

Looking for any insight or advice!

I’m now having this identical issue. Looking forward to anyone having ideas.

I did notice a message in the log about dnd5e not finding an update but not sure if that’s normal.

@delnwyr and @pholgate
The latest version of dnd5e (2.2.0) mainly has fixes for v11 and has been reported to cause some issues in v10, and I’m not certain if these persist into v11. My recommendation is to roll back to dnd5e 2.1.5 over here The Forge and to Stop and Start your server at The Forge and stay on Foundry v10 at the moment.

That should get things functional again.

Remember to take a backup before updating versions if you plan to update to v11 instead!

That did the trick, thanks so much, I really appreciate it :slight_smile: