Players shows as logged after being disconnected and can't rejoin session


during the last sessions of my campaign, some of my players were disconnected (due to heavy rain) and couldn’t reconnect again because they were never disconnected from the session. When trying to reconnect to the game they could see their user names grey out meaning they couldn’t click on it. The “solution” to this is to ask everyone to leave the game and reset the server so they can reconnect to it.
Is there a workaround to this? Is there a “time out” implementation to automatically log out those who have been disconnected so they can rejoin the game after a while?


Unfortunately that can happen if the connection is suddenly cut out, the timeout from Foundry’s side would be in the order of minutes (I think 10 minutes). Restarting the server is the official workaround that is usually suggested.

I see you’re on the Story Teller tier, so you could enable the User Management features for your game (requires the Game Manager to be enabled), that should make them always automatically log in, even if Foundry thinks they’re still logged in.

Thanks, Kakaroto. I’ll check out the User Management and make sure my players understand how to use it because the world already exists.

Sorry, but I had the same issue. Would you please tell me where I go to enable the Game Manager?


Strangely, I had this yesterday as well. Luckily I always have a guest player account, so I was able to have them log in with that and reassign permissions. I would be interested in learning more about how the players can manage their accounts as well.


To enable the Game Manager go to “My Foundy” > “Game Tools” > “Configure Players” > “Automatic User Management”. You can enable/disable that option.
I tried it during a game session and I can tell you that it may be difficult to manage access since every player may be presented with a long list of characters. My players could see every monster that I had already used in my games, as well as the NPCs. I like what @besnoel does (with the guest account). I personally think that the game master should be able to disconnect players from the session so they can reconnect shortly after.

Thanks for details on how that works. It sounds like it might not be ideal if every actor is listed. Perhaps even worse if every actor from every world is listed.

When this happened last night it seemed to be caused by one player in Korea having internet issues and dropouts. When he dropped out he was no longer visible in the list of players in the bottom left, which meant I couldn’t boot him.

The guest player is also handy for people that want to watch a session or for people you invite to play villains :slight_smile:

The “long list of characters” is just the normal Foundry player configuration dialog that every player has access to it. It will list only the characters that they can have access to, and I believe the dialog is only presented to them when they don’t have a character set to represent their player. I think your issue is that you have all those characters and NPCs set with a permission to “Default: owner” probably. You’ll have the same issue whether you use The Forge’s user manager or not. (Any player can right click their name in the lower-left corner and select “player configuration” to change who they are playing as, which defines which token is automatically selected when they enter a scene).

Note that with the user manager, you can also the ‘user assignments’ to say “Forge player X represents Foundry user Y”, which is highly recommended if you already have a world with existing users, so you can tell the Forge who your players should get automatically logged in as, otherwise, it will create a new user for them.

@kakaroto Thanks for the info on how to use that functionality. I have only been using Foundry and the Forge for about 4 weeks, so still lots to learn. Thanks.

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It gets easier I promise! And I’ve just asked @Kevin to write up a nice tutorial on how that can be used so it’s easier for people to understand the benefits and how to use it.
(Other than this tutorial, which I guess I should have linked to before : The User Manager)

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Thanks, I will check those out. While I have you…

I can’t seem to launch a world when there is someone in another world. I run sessions nearly back to back (3 hours with 1 hour between). Is the only way to launch the next world by booting players at the end of each session? Sometimes they want to stick around, or they walk away with their browser window still open.

Thanks again.

If you have two Foundry licenses, then you can have two games running at the same time. Unfortunately, due to Foundry VTT’s software licensing terms, you can only have one game active at a time (see
If someone walks away from their browser with the window still open, you can go to your “My Foundry” page and forcibly stop the game, that will boot them out, then you can start your next game. But if you want them to remain in the game afterwards while you start the next one, buy/add a second Foundry license to your account, and that will work (licenses will be assigned to games based on a first come first served basis)