Planned: Story Teller tier features

The Story Teller tier’s main features are the ability to launch worlds directly with their unique URLs and the advanced user management.
This implies the following set of features :

Game management

  • Allow Story Teller tier users to switch between “All one one URL” or “Multiple auto-managed games” mode so this feature isn’t necessarily mandatory for all higher tiers.
  • Change “Launch Foundry” button in the header into “Configure Foundry” which would always enter the Foundry setup page
  • Create a new Forge Game for each world within Foundry and add the interface to configure its URL, player list, settings, etc…
  • List all the available games from the “My Foundry” page
  • Add a way to ‘favorite’ games to more easily find them in our potentially last list of games.
  • Have a configurable set of modules auto-enabled upon new game creation
  • Only allow one (depending on number of FVTT licenses) game to be ‘online’ at a time.
    • If user tries to launch a different game, automatically set old game to ‘idle’ if no players are logged in, or prevent launching
    • If user launching the game is the owner, allows them to force-stop the other game and launch the selected one

User Management

  • require all games with user management feature enabled, to be Private as the /join page now gets overriden and user needs to be logged into The Forge to access the game
  • Override /join and automatically create players when a user uses the invitation link. Auto login the users to the game based on their forge user
  • Automatically assign the user’s avatar to the player’s avatar and update it when user changes it in the forge’s account page
    • Disable changing the avatar through FVTT and document that limitation in the ToS
  • Have each game have their own URL/etc… and launch into the world directly when started
  • Option for GM to login as a player. Since they are auto logged in, they can’t login in an incognito tab or a different browser to test things as a player. Being able to click a button and get re-logged in as a player would be very easy and useful.