Module Selection Inverted

My Foundry VTT game is running the new version 0.7.5. I noticed when I login to my game, the activated module list has been inverted, those modules that were activated are now deactivated and those that were deactivated are now activated. With the exception of PopOut! which remains activated.

That sounds very weird.
Do you have any errors of some sort in the console?

When I login to Foundry VTT? No errors appear.

Is there another console I need to look at?

I presume it’s a precaution as the modules may not be compatible with the new version.

You press f12, and look in “console” for any red errors.
You’ll have to be in the world for this.
Hope it didn’t cause too many problems though, as I don’t believe going back to 0.6.6 would fix it.

There shouldn’t be many module incompatibilities, so I wonder what it would be.

There are some errors in the console when starting the world:





I’ve also noticed, if I click on the Game settings button, Configure Settings and try to click Left-Click to Release Objects, then Save Changes, it appears to do nothing and the Close button in the top right of the window no longer works.

This error appears in the console:


Any ideas what might be causing this? It was all working nicely yesterday, with combat running smoothly, attack rolls and damage rolls working deducting NPC hit points. :slight_smile:

Huh, it all seems to be dnd5e to me. Have you updated your system lately?
The DND5E system that is.

I’ve not updated it myself recently. It seems to be up to date.

Oooops. My fault. Do you have a module named “HighlightCriticalSuccessFailure” ?

I’m unsure about the “those that were disabled are not enabled”, but it might have something to do with this warning message we receive when launching a world for the first time :

In your case, since Foundry launched straight in to the world, you didn’t see that warning from the setup page, so I think is that it just disabled all of the modules.

No module with the name . “HighlightCriticalSuccessFailure”. Maybe the DnD 5e system needs an update?

Seems like Starfinder had a problem when something in Foundry changed.

You maybe right about disabling all the enabled modules. I can say with certainty that some that were disabled such as battlemap packs were enabled after the update.

Is there anyway to receive a notification before an update is due to be applied?


very peculiar and unexpected. I’m not sure what to think of that honestly, it might be a bug during the migration.

At the moment, I kind of expected most users to be aware of updates, but we posted this announcement earlier today which should email everyone too.

Updates aren’t supposed to be so disruptive, unfortunately this one is, so I’m re-evaluating things a little, where I think the default behavior will become to announce releases to the user when they log into the forge or their foundry game and let them do the update with a single click instead of auto-updating.

Thank you for being so responsive. Good to see you are active here and looking at ways to improve things. I think I’m going to like it here :slight_smile:

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