Foundry VTT 0.7.5 release

Good day our dear Adventurers & Creators.

Yesterday Foundry had a new stable update with the Foundry VTT 0.7.5 release landing on the stable release channel. This means that a majority of you will find that your games are now running on 0.7.5 as the default behaviour of The Forge is to update everyone to the latest stable Foundry release.

Here is what is changing, some warnings and precautions, and how you can control which version your games use.

Foundry VTT 0.7.x branch is now considered Stable.

This means that the 0.7.5 release replaces the 0.6.6 version as the version to use in the stable release channel.

Furthermore it means that all servers set to use Latest Stable Release (the default) will get updated automatically.
This does not mean 0.6.6 is now unavailable, you can always revert back to it whenever you feel like it.

You can follow these instructions to set the Foundry VTT version

To revert back to using FVTT 0.6.6, you just have to go to My Foundry.
At the bottom, you should find Foundry VTT Server Version.
From there, choose the Foundry version you would like to use.

What does this mean for Forge and Foundry Users?

  • Foundry VTT 0.7.5 brings a whole lot of new features to the table. The amount of changes are massive, and you can read all about them in their release posts:

  • We would recommend you to make a backup of your worlds before running your next game. We don’t expect any issues to happen, but it’s always good to have a backup (and better be safe than sorry). You can head over to My Foundry and export your worlds from there.
    If you didn’t make a backup before the update happened and something causes your world to be broken and irrecoverable (doubt it), then we’ve made a backup of everyone’s worlds right before the update was released, so we can restore it for you if needed.

  • Systems and modules might be outdated now and some may stop working. Most modules however have already been updated to work correctly with the 0.7.x branch, so we strongly recommend updating all of your modules and systems to their latest version. You can also check out What modules work in 0.7.5? to see if any of your frequently used modules is in the red.

  • If you encounter a new issue and would like to report it, make sure you disable all modules to see if it was a module that caused the issue, if you can confirm the problem still happens with no modules enabled in your world, then you can report the issue on Foundry’s discord or Forge’s Discord depending on whether the issue is a Foundry (the tabletop) or a Forge (the hosting) related issue.

Enjoy the new update, and may your adventures be glorious.
The Forge team.
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