Module requires version 0.7.10 or greater; that's what I have

Pinnacle Entertainment Group just released Horror at Headstone Hill and also updated SWADE. In my attempt to install and update, I received these errors:

Savage Worlds Adventure Edition Core Rules module version 1.0.5 requires a more modern Foundry VTT core version of 0.7.10 or greater

Horror at Headstone Hill module version 1.0.0 requires a more modern Foundry VTT core version of 0.7.10 or greater

I am using Foundry VTT core version of 0.7.10.

Is this an issue with The Forge? Or Pinnacle?

That error is returned directly by Foundry and my guess is that it either is a bug in Foundry where it doesn’t correctly compare your version with the required version, or the error message should be “requires a more modern version than 0.7.10” though looking at the manifest link, the minimum core version is indeed set to 0.7.10 :

So, what now? Seems like a bug, given that the manifest indicates the HaHH module (and the SWADE module too, I presume) should be playing with 0.7.10. On that, what are the chances a fix for Foundry is coming soon?

What else can I do while still with 0.7.10?

Never mind; I decided to bite the bullet and upgrade to 0.8.8. I figure my time would be better spent dealing with upgrade issues (at least I’d be doing something) than waiting for someone to address 0.7.10 to work with modules that should but aren’t.

And let me say, the initial effect wasn’t pretty. Flipping the lever to 0.8.8 was easy enough. And the many modules that needed updating for new Foundry was understandable. But then the incongruities. For instance:

The installed versions shown as not defined (they should be), and the status indicates the update didn’t work, though no worded errors were delivered.

Then I started my games. Deadlands actually started, but at the login screen, something I haven’t seen in ages. My passwords didn’t work. I exited and started my 5e game. Also the login screen but just the background; no way to log in at all. Looked frozen.

I quit my browser and walked away. Got something to eat. I returned several minutes later and tried again. Things now were behaving. No logins; the games went into paused play as expected. Much updating of contents. One of my 5e games took a very long time to churn through actors, compendiums, etc.

In the end, not so bad. A lot of chat is blank where prior dice rolls used to be. All modules tagged Incompatible were turned off, so I had to pick through them and turn on the ones that I recall being on for each game. About Time and Calendar/Weather modules reset to zero. Looks like all the modules’ settings were retained, so thank goodness for that. Actual play will reveal the rest.

Those showing undefined sounds like a bug from the Forge’s side, though I haven’t seen that before, so not sure what would cause it. I also don’t know what the error is (you should have seen a notification with more detail for why it failed to update those). Either way, they look like premium content, so I would recommend using this guide to install/update them : Installing/updating Licensed Premium modules (specifically the part about the optimizing of the data since we can’t touch it ourselves).

I quit my browser and walked away. Got something to eat. I returned several minutes later and tried again.

Foundry will migrate some of the compendiums data after an upgrade and that can take a while for some people, during which time, the Foundry server itself is completely frozen. Not much to do other than walk away and get something to eat, so you actually did the recommended solution there! :+1:

Let us know how it went during actual play, I hope it was smooth from there on out!