Login Issues

Howdy, everyone. I purchased my copy of Foundry in August and actually got a Forge account in October. Between August and October I had Foundry installed locally on my computer so I could experiment with it, learn to use it, etc. Since October I’ve been moving things over for my Torg Eternity game from Roll 20 to my Foundry setup on the Forge, which has been proceeding beautifully.

I have Simple Worldbuilding and Plus, my world is set up, my Character’s are set, using PDFoundry and Journal entries for my Players to keep track of their Characters, I have Dice So Nice, Lordu’s Dice, FVTT Card Support and all my Torg cards, a basic Torg die roller, and NOTHING else, so far. I’ve been doing research on the Modules I’ve thought our group would need for Torg and, potentially, a new game of The One Ring down the road, but I decided to not install anything else until between Christmas and the New Year.

Oh, and I am up to 0.7.8 on Foundry and all else is up-to-date for THAT release; I’m not putting on 0.7.9 until they work out the login bugs and KaKaRoTo has had time to make adjustments for the Forge.

That explained, I had my Nephew -who will be joining our Torg game on Foundry- attempt to login to his account, yesterday, once I sent him a Forge invitation, and he could get to the Forge right on, no problem, but the account I set up for him on Foundry he cannot, for whatever reason, log into. He tried setting up a new account on Forge with that information and it says the account already exists, though he doesn’t show up in the Configure Players tab in the Forge.

What am I doing wrong, here? Do I have to eliminate the accounts I’ve made in Foundry and set them up in the Forge, instead? That doesn’t seem like it would be right, but I’m 49 and have seen a lot of strange crap. Help, please?

Thank you.

Hello! So I am guessing “I have simple worldbuilding” means the “World Builder” tier?
Do you have game manager on? It might be that you have to disable “Player Manager” (or embrace it).

Could you send a screenshot of where you’re stuck?
As it seems they are able to log in to the game, but are on the wrong user?


Thank you for responding. I am GameMaster tier, actually. You can’t turn on Game Manager unless you’re Storyteller. It’s not a matter of where I am stuck, but where my Player is stuck. I sent him the invitation link to the game on our conversation in Discord and he clicked on it, came right to a login screen for the Forge, and attempted to log in with the credentials for the game. He put it in properly, I was standing right there watching over his shoulder, but when he hit enter, the page refreshed with a welcome message, no error message, but did not take him into our game.

That’s about as screen shot as I can get you, right now. Sorry.


It should have sent them to a “Game” page, if they click your link again, they should be taken straight there. Where they should be able to press “access game” and should be taken in to your game.

As long as they are already logged in this should absolutely work.

Hope that helps ^^

Kevin, we’ll try that. He and his family are staying over for Christmas Eve, so we’ll give it a shot, then. Thank you, kind sir.

I think your issue might be that you’re confusing the Foundry user you created for them with the Forge user they’d need to create in order to get access to your Foundry game. When you created a user for them, you only created one in that specific world. You said they also created a Forge account, so when they use the invitation link and it asks for them to login on the Forge site, they’d need to login with their own Forge account, and then that would add them to the game which they’ll be able to access (and login into it with the foundry user you created for them).

For it to not show an error like “invalid credentials” or something is a problem though and I’ll have a look at that.
I hope that helps.

No, he and I attempted to make use of the login for the character I made for my game to get him an account of Forge, but the Forge would not take that login and username to log in. So, we then attempted to MAKE a new login and, for the sake of keeping confusion at a minimum, attempted to use the credentials I made for him in my game, and we were rebuffed with the dialog that the account already exists.

He will be over, tomorrow, with his laptop, so we will attempt to get him logged in straight to my Forge/Foundry URL. If that doesn’t work, then we’ll go build a new account for him.

I just find it very odd that anyone else would have the exact same username and password as I created for these accounts, a one-in-a-quadrillion chance. This begs the question of why does The Forge have access to those credentials if, indeed, each Player is supposed to build a Forge account before going into the game? Also, if The Forge DOES have access to those accounts, why can’t the Player just log in with those credentials and go straight into the game?

Thank you, sir. :slight_smile:


The Forge accounts and the Foundry players are completely independent. The Foundry ‘logins’ you create are just players within that specific world itself, If you had two worlds in Foundry, even a login on world A would not work if you launched world B. The Forge account on the other hand is unique and associated with one individual per their email address, and in your case for example, it’s what you used to subscribe and configure your game URL and it’s where you have your dashboard which gives you access to all the other games you were invited on.

If The Forge says that the account already exists when you tried to sign up, that would most likely refer to the email address used for signing up, and I assumed you entered your own email address.

Trying to access the direct URL of your Foundry game without first logging into The Forge and using the invitation link will not work, as by default all games are set to Private. You can read more about Public and Private games here :

Though it is not recommended to set your game to public, for security and privacy reasons, in the case of your nephew, if they are under 13 years old, then due to COPA (Children Online Privacy Act) laws, they can’t create a Forge account, and that’s what the concept of ‘public games’ was created for.

Hopefully that helps make it clearer.

Understood. Thank you. I’ve had one other person log in, today, and I’m hoping to get my Nephew involved, this evening or tomorrow some time during the day.

I appreciate all of your input. :slight_smile: