Public & Private Games

You can set your Game’s privacy mode to either Public Game or Private Game.

By default, your games are set to Private, as it is the recommended setting for everybody and gives a better security and overall user experience.

Public Games are not a way to encourage your players to be lazy and simply not create an account.

Private Game

When the games privacy mode is set to a Private game, only logged in users can access the game URL, and only those users who have been specifically invited to the game via the “Game Invitation Link” available in your Game Configuration page.

Note: The Invitation link is also available within the VTT

You can also find the invitation link from within foundr’s Invitation Links dialog in the Settings tab :
image => image

This ensures a level of security as nobody can access your game by mistake, or by simply knowing the URL of the game. This is important for people who are streaming for example, because the game URL can easily be leaked online. If you do not properly set secure access keys for every player you configure in Foundry as well as in your Setup page, you run the risk of having malicious users delete your data for example.

Public Game

A public game allows anyone with the URL of the game to access the Foundry game. This is the most similar behavior to someone who is self hosting, but it takes away from the extra layer of security that The Forge provides via its Private Game setting.

With a Public Game, users will not need to be logged into The Forge to access the game, however, do note that without being logged into The Forge, they will not be able to upload anything as they will not have access to their own Assets Library.

The reason that the Public Game option exists, is to allow groups with young children to play the game. Due to COPPA ( Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act), children under the age of 13 cannot create a Forge account as per our Terms of service and must therefore login into a game without providing any of their personally identifiable information, which is possible thanks to public games where the DM creates players manually for them.

Hi, newb question. I have created a world that I have transferred from a different VTT. There are 5 players available. When I send over the link to the world (private game), can any player log in with any account (besides me own)? How do I limit it so a player can only log into the world with their own character.

Thanks in advance

Once the player has access to the game, they will have to join the game as one of the players. Within Foundry itself, as a GM, you can go to the settings tab then “Configure players” and you can then set an access key for each of the players so they can only join as the player you have assigned to them.

Story teller features that are coming “soon” will have an option to auto manage players within Foundry and auto login your players.


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Awesome!! Thanks for the quick response <3