[LFG][Americas/CST][Open to anything] Looking for a crew to play with regularly!

Time Zone: GMT -5 (CST)
Times Available: Weeknight & weekend after 7 PM work best, but can be flexible.
Preferred Name: Duck
Pronouns: he/him
System(s) of Choice: Blades in the Dark, Scum and Villainy, The Sprawl (any PbtA system really), DND5e (never played willing to learn)
Experience: I’ve run a decent number of systems. I love playing Scum and Villainy, but I’m down for anything. I’m open to learning new systems and adjusting to a groups play style. I would love to find a regular crew to run with. I’m easy going, open-minded, and low maintenance.

If you’re open to D&D 5E, the game I’m in is still looking to pick up another player: [5e] Exandria Age of Heroism (Repost)

While it uses the Exandria setting, it doesn’t require any knowledge of Critical Role (I’m not actually sure who all in the group has actually watched it). We’ve just started a new arc (going to rescue a librarian from a secret library that’s on the border of some nations; one of the goals is keeping the rescue on the down low from one of the governments) so it’s a great time to add someone new.