Is there a way to access *all* my world data?

The title, basically. I’m finding that my worlds’ ‘messages’ folders are becoming bloated, and I’d like to go in and wipe them without exporting the world then re-importing it after dealing with the messages folder locally.

Also, why are my messages folders sitting at 15MB when i’ve erased the world’s chat log in-game?

To be clear, in the Forge assets library I can only see this much in any of my world data folders

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The world data wouldn’t show in your Assets Library, since that would usually contain only the assets (images and such), but you can find it in your world once you’ve exported it from the Game Configuration page.

This article goes into some detail about how to go about that World Size Check

The best way to check the individual world’s data is to do an export, and then check inside of the exported world/data directory.

If you’ve cleared the world’s chat log in-game, it should be the same end result as exporting, deleting world/data/messages, and re-importing, unless something is preventing the Foundry operation from clearing the chat log perhaps. Did you re-export after clearing the chat log and extract that to confirm?

Hey dabinski.

I was searching for solutions to the same problem and found your thread.
I run a big game with a lot of players, and my message folder was like 40mb big and clearing the chat log was not doing anything.

However, once I restarted the server after clearing the chat, the messages data files cleared properly, dropping all 40mb down to like 100kb or something.

I hope this helps.

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