Is it possible for me to use my own custom dice, as a player, in a friend's campaign?

I’ve got my custom dice files, I was wondering if there was some way I could use them in my friend’s campaign. I have tried, but it’s not easy navigating and finding what you want.

Thank you

Might need to ask @jdw for advice here, I don’t think you can just select your textures in DSN, it would need to be set up in a module that configures the dice set and provides the dice files for DSN to use.
You could give your DM the module to import (Importing Worlds/Modules/Systems - W/ Video Tutorial) and then you’d be able to select it in the game.

Hello, what kind of files do you have exactly?


It’s a zip file that contains a json file and a number of glb files.

Did you create it yourself?

If it is a foundry module, then your GM should look into how to install a custom module.

I’ll call @kakaroto back for this as I’m only knowledgeable about DsN itself.

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I didn’t make them, no, but I downloaded them from a free source. I don’t think it’s available on forge, either.

If you have that as a custom module in zip form, then as I stated before, you would need to have your DM install the module so it becomes available in the game.
Send them the tutorial on how to import the module : Importing Worlds/Modules/Systems - W/ Video Tutorial
And thanks JDW for responding!

Ah, that’s good to know!

Cheers for your time and help, guys.

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