Importing a R20 Converted world

I recently used the exporter and converter to get my roll20 game downloaded and converted. However; when I run the converter to move it from the Zip file into a file I can upload to foundry, the JSON files for my characters disapear and when I try to load via the import wizard character sheets are not pressent (due to the missing JSON files) I tried replacing the character folder with one I pulled from the zip file after the converter did its thing but that didnt seem to do anything. Advice?

This is for Pathfinder 1E btw

R20Converter doesn’t convert the zip into json files to import into Foundry, it converts it into a completely world directory.
There’s a small section on how to import the generated world from R20Converter in the import wizard tutorial : Importing Worlds/Modules/Systems - W/ Video Tutorial

When I do that, it loads up with all the characters and tokens but no character sheets tied to the actual entries.

You mentioned this is a PF1 game, R20Converter does not convert character sheets for non DnD5e games, as explained in the documentation.

Mustve missed that part…sadness.

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