Importing a custom module using import wizard

Hi -

I’m attempting to upload a module I received from a patreon. It’s a directory upload, the directory has a module.json and a zip file.

The Importer recognized it as a module, uploaded it, imported it, and made it available to enable. But after I enable it, I can’t find anything in the compendiums like it should be (The Module is The Walled Town of Iido by Tom Cartos).

What’s the right way to do this? I see it in my ‘modules’ directory. The instructions are straight forward it says " Unpack this archive into your ’ UserData/modules’ folder, so that path to ’ module.json’ file looks like this: ’ Data/modules/tomcartos-iido/module.json’ ."

Thank you

Hello, you might notice that you have a modules or bazaar folder in your assets library. You should be able to find it there.

It’s either there or in User data.

Hopefully that is it, otherwise I can give further help.
You might also find How to upload a modified version of a Module/system useful.

well, that didn’t seem to work, so I ended up deleting the module. I extracted the zip file, and it had a second modules.json, so instead of uploading from the root i uploaded from the second zip file contents, and that seemed to work. Not exactly sure what I did to fix it, but i’m sure i’ll figure it out.

The import wizard doesn’t like nested modules because then it doesn’t know what to do with it. I think the zip you had either had a copy of the module inside the module (i.e: duplicated content), or the root folder had a stray module.json, meaning you did it right by extracting the nested folder… or the nested folder had a stray module.json, in which case, you should have deleted that module.json and importer the top folder.

I assume you saw what the folder contents are and determined importing the nested folder was the best choice. Either way, it seemed to work, so nice job finding the problem and getting it fixed! :+1: