Import d&d beyond content and extend w/ custom classes and subclasses

Hi, new user here so sorry if this is an easy question.

I’ve created custom classes and subclasses for my game and I want to extend the 5e rules to include these

Some of the features are from XGE, TCoE, etc, and I already own these books on dndbeyond

I don’t want to use dndbeyond for anything else though, I just want to import content I already own and do everything (character/NPC creation) within Forge

So what I want to do is this:

  1. Import my rulebooks from dndbeyond

  2. Create my custom classes and subclasses in Forge, which have class features from my dndbeyond content, using GitHub - kandashi/custom-classes

  3. Create NPCs in Forge using my custom classes and subclasses

  4. Have my players create their characters in Forge using my custom classes and subclasses

So, I installed Chrome and the Browser Extension, and I’m trying to add the materials I own via the Bazaar, but

How can I proceed?

Heya :wave:

The D&D Beyond integration is currently in Beta access only, meaning that it’s available to Patreon supporters. Check out this post for more details! D&D Beyond Integration

You could also check out MrPrimate’s D&D Beyond integration module here, though I believe there are some restrictions on what you are able to import without Patreon access to his Patreon, as well.

Thanks, will I be able to import classes, class features, subclasses, and feats with either of those tools, if Become a Patreon supporter?

The key thing is that I want to import the building blocks into Forge, so that I can create complete Characters without ever leaving the Forge client or storing them on dndbeyond.

Sure thing :slight_smile:

Classes, subclasses, feats, features, spells and stuff are supported by the D&D Beyond Integration, see the What to expect from the integration section of that post!

I’ve tried both and my party haven’t been using D&D Beyond for leveling for since last year, so I recommend giving it a shot!

Note that the Basic Rules are available for free for everybody, so I suggest you import that and see what’s in it. You’ll get the same level of content importing from the other books that you need.