How to use a modified version of the Simple Worldbuilding system on the Forge?

I’ve just purchased a Forge sub and imported my game with no problems (excellent!).

However I do have a question: I am using the simple world-building system but in my local game i set the initiative to be ‘1d100’ instead of the default ‘1d20’ in the system file for it. How do I use the altered system file in the Forge? Thanks!

Hi @wildbill,
I saw your question on Discord and was just about to answer you there, but this is a good place for the answer so others can find it quickly.
If you want to use a custom version of a module or a system, you can always import it via the Import Wizard.
Do note however, that since it’s a custom version, you would need to change the version of the system/module in the system.json/module.json file of the package (from 0.2 to 0.2-custom or 0.2.1-beta for example). It is after all a different version so you need to reflect that :slight_smile:

If the name and version of the package matches one in the Bazaar, it will use the Bazaar version of the package when it installs it, but if it’s a custom version, it will import your custom package. Note however that if you do a ‘check for updates’, it will always suggest an update to the package.

I hope that helps.

Thank you very much, and that is a simple solution…thanks again!