How to I delete a large set of items?

I somehow seem to have got a large number of items imported into my world (possibly when messing around with DDB Importer into a compendium, then accidentally importing all items into my world!)

They are taking up space, and hiding any items that I really want to be in that list.

How do I delete them all?

  1. Doing them one-by-one will take, literally, hours.
  2. There’s no way to multiple select items in Foundry, as far as I know.
  3. Moving them all to a folder, then deleting that folder, will take slightly fewer hours than 1. above, but will still take ages (I know, it’s the method I am currently using!)
  4. If I were on my local machine, rather than hosting on the Forge, I could find and delete my items.db file and it would recreate it empty

I’d like to be able to do 4. above, but The Forge does not give me low-level access to these files for deletion, afaik.

Any ideas?

Do an export of the world, delete the file.
Delete the world from Forge.
Then re-upload the world to the forge.

Hopefully that helps a little :smiley:

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That does help, thanks Kevin.

I did think of doing that, but being very new to FVTT, and having spent a lot of hours importing and updating my campaign into FVTT prior to my first game using it this evening, I was hesitant to export and delete the world! Instead, I did in the end spend the hours moving every item into a folder, and then deleting the folder!

However, it’s really useful to know there isn’t currently a simple way of doing this that I had overlooked. Hopefully one day there will be a multi-select option for items in a list, or a way to clear down at the top level.

But given that a member of The Forge Staff has suggested exporting and reimporting the world, I have more confidence that doing so will not break anything, so I’ll do that in future!


That’s what I call dedication :smiley:

Indeed, we’re also hoping for a little bit better system of doing things like that, but for now we deal :smiley:
Hope you have a good week forward. :heart:

This did not take hours. I deleted nearly 180 mods in about 20 minutes. Now I am going to do a better job keeping my modules cleaned up.