Export Game Data from the Forge


To export content from the forge, you’ll have to go to the Forge Page and head over to My Foundry

At the bottom of the page, you should see Export Game Data

This will open a Dropdown menu of Worlds and Modules you can export from the Forge.
Categorized as:

All Worlds

Individual Worlds

All Modules

Individual Modules



When you download them, you’ll get a .Zip file you can open, and inside you have the world/module you can extract anywhere you like.

From there you can you can edit the content in the worlds/modules as you like, before re-uploading.
Warning: Do not edit the name of the folder. It won’t recognize the pathing when re-uploading to Forge.


When you download them, you’ll get a .Zip file you can open, and inside you have the world you can drop into your Worlds or Modules folder in your local directory.

To open this directory, you can right-click your Foundry instance, then Browse User Data

Then in the Data folder, you can find the Modules and Worlds folders respectively.


The assets will currently be kept online, and will not be downloaded back locally. This is however worked on, and will be a feature later.

They will not be deleted from The Forge as long as this is not a feature, and we will tell you in good time ahead, that your assets will get deleted before we actually delete them.


Can’t see the module/world

You may have edited the folder name, and this will cause issues with pathing.
For exported modules, the module.json file must contain the same name field as the folder name. If they are different, Foundry will not see the module.
For worlds, the same applies to world.json and the name field.

Still seeing the old world / can’t see the module/world

Make sure you’ve stopped your server before deleting and re-uploading content. If the server is running while the data is changed, it will not be made aware of it. Always restart the Foundry server if you’ve changed the files, either by importing to the forge or changing the files on your local install.

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Is there a way to export a single scene with all the elements? For example I created this scene with all the walls, lighting, specific sounds, etc. I’ve got tiles and tokens set up along rhe map as well. I want to share this work with a friend so he may use it in his campaign. Can it be done?

You can create a shared compendium, copy the scene to it, then export the module it created.

EDIT: Actually, @XaOs, ignore what I just said. The simplest method is to right click on the scene from the scenes panel, then click ‘export scene’, it will download a json file that you can use to import in another game.

Wow! So easy! Thanks a lot!!