Getting your players started on The Forge

I seem to be missing something. I add a user in Foundary and send an invitation link. When they get the link it takes them to a forge page asking for an email and password asking for login access to the game.
I have a Game Master Forge subscription and I don’t see any way on either Foundary or Forge to add an email and password for my players.


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To get your players started on The Forge, they’ll need to have their own Forge accounts. It’s possible to make a Forge account here

If they have Forge accounts and are instead not able to select Foundry users, you as GM would need to create some Foundry users for them as players to use in the game. For that, see a guide here Tutorial - Gamemaster Part Two | Foundry Virtual Tabletop

If you are on Story Teller tier on Forge, then you’re also able to activate Game Manager which lets them use their Forge accounts as Foundry users.

Hope that helps! :slight_smile: