Game Data Question

Hello Folks,

I am looking to make sure I understand exactly what is included in “game data” As my precentage jumpped for some reason the other day.

This may sound like a silly question, what is game data?
Also, is there a way to see this on for forge?

I understand my assets and can see them.

My goal is to do some house keeping and cut the fat where I can.

Thanks for any help!

(EDIT) To clarify, I added the MADCartographer end of year content pack as a custom module. I believe this to be the reason my game data jumped so large. Just curious if this is correct or should I be installing some other way? Thanks!

Alright, a couple things here:

Things that take Game Data Space:

Tiny little bits of Official Modules (from FoundryVTT official catalogue)
Premium Modules (that require Patreon and such)

You can see that is taking Game Data by going here: and clicking “Select Data Files to Delete”, then looking through the 4 tabs that opens.

It’s quite possible that Module inflated Game Data, but depends very much on how you installed it. If you just gave The Bazaar or FoundryVTT (on The Forge) the module.json, yep, it’s in Game Data. If you downloaded it locally, then used Summon Import Wizard to upload, then it would have optimized the assets (images/audio/etc. as appropriate to the module) onto your My Assets. (see here: Importing Worlds/Modules/Systems - W/ Video Tutorial as it is relevant).

Hope that helps.