Game Autosave

Game Autosaves

Forge users who enable the Game Manager feature, and have access to our Save Points (a World Builder exclusive feature) can enable Game Autosaves. This ensures your games are saved automatically, whenever you play!

When Game Autosaves are enabled, we will automatically create a new Save Point for each world/game whenever the world is idled for longer than a hour, or outright stopped. This ensures that your world data remains safe, without creating an unnecessary save point during world restarts, or other short interruptions.

Unlike manual save points, which are never deleted, Save Points created by our Game Autosaves feature are sometimes deleted. The Forge will only retain the last 200 autosaves created for a world, as well as at least one game autosave for each month in the last two years- in addition to any world saves created by our automatic backups. In other words, more than enough to retrieve data for even the longest running campaigns!

How to Enable

In order to enable Game Autosaves for a world, you must be subscribed at the World Builder level on The Forge. Users who are not subscribed at the World Builder tier can still manually backup their worlds, by following this guide

To enable Game Autosaves for a world, take the following steps:

  1. Login to The Forge, if you haven’t already.
  2. Enable Game Manager, if you haven’t already.
  3. Navigate to the world’s tab on the Forge Setup Menu.
  4. Select Save Points under Game Tools.
  5. Enable the Game Autosave feature, at the top. Once it is enabled, you will now receive Game Autosaves.