Foundry, performance issues and crashes

Some time after the introduction of V9, I and some of my friends started having problems playing Forge. When I play a game, I often get a display error and the whole browser goes black. After that, after a minute, it returns to its normal appearance, but I have to restart the game to work with the scenes.
My friends notice performance issues even when there are no effects and the stage is empty. In doing so, they and I noticed a WebGL-related error message.
All of this happens in both V9 and V0.8.9. Everything has been updated many times. This happened on different games from different accounts on Forge.
This week I will be running a test game on Foundry PC. If everything goes smoothly there, then I’ll be convinced that the problem comes directly from Forge.

I answered you here : A few more bugs that are only on Forge - #3 by kakaroto
I hope that helps!