ForgeVTT drops connection every 5-30 seconds

What it says on the tin. I’m using a Win10 laptop, my ISP is Spectrum. World size doesn’t seem to affect the frequency of the connection drops (tested with a new, completely empty world), and these drops last 5-10 seconds each. Other players in the game see my online status switching to offline and back to online as I reconnect. Foundry throws the red “You have lost connection to the server, attempting to re-establish” error every time. Refreshing the page, clearing my cache, and fiddling with my antivirus have had no effect. Another machine on my network, belonging to my roommate, has had the exact same problems with a wired connection, and identical lack of success fixing it.

Using a VPN or my mobile hotspot fixes this issue entirely, but I don’t have nearly enough data to be using it exclusively and would like to solve this issue without having to use the VPN forever. Similarly, this issue does not present when self-hosting or connecting to self-hosted instances of Foundry. After some research, I’m pretty sure the problem is either with my router or with Spectrum, but I don’t know what exactly is wrong or what I can do to my router to fix the problem. Any help solving this would be greatly appreciated.

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So, this is usually a ISP issue, and it seems “Spectrum” has been cropping up more recently as it is about the 3rd person to mention them in connection to connection issues.

Some has found that disabling ipv6 has helped them get a good connection once again, it may be worth looking into.

I’ll have a look into it on monday to see if there is anything we can do to contact spectrum to see if there is any issues. Similarly all I can recommend is to contact them yourself to see if there is anything they can do.

I’ll have a ask around about what the keywords you might want to mention would be, or you could freehand it :smiley:

We are working on solutions to these issues, and we would love to get rid of them to make everything smoother for everyone :heart:

Turning off IPv6 on my router solved the issue completely, thank you very, very much! No disconnections, and if there’s any sort of latency difference from before, it’s unnoticeably small.

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